Cherry Blossom Predictions 2024

🌸 Friday, 15 March - Tuesday, 30 April 2024 (predicted)

The Japan Weather Association (JWA) recently shared an insightful forecast for the 2024 cherry blossom (sakura) season, sparking anticipation among residents and enthusiasts worldwide. Updated forecasts outline the onset and progression of Japan’s cherry blossom season across the country.

Region Opening Peak
Tokyo 29 Mar 4 Apr
Himeji 28 Mar 4 Apr
Hiroshima 25 Mar 1 Apr
Kyoto 28 Mar 4 Apr
Nara 30 Mar 2 Apr
Osaka 31 Mar 6 Apr

Recent updates suggest Nagoya, Kochi, and Fukuoka led the bloom on March 20. Hiroshima’s blossoms opened on March 25 and are expected to peak around April 1. Tokyo and Kyoto’s cherry blossoms are expected to open around March 29 and March 28, respectively, with their peak expected on April 4. Osaka and Nara’s blossoms are predicted to follow, opening on March 31 and March 30, respectively. By the end of the month, vast areas from Kyushu to southern Tohoku are expected to bloom, with Aomori and Hokkaido in mid to late April.

Tokyo is expected to experience full bloom on April 4, with full bloom in the Kansai region (including Kyoto and Himeji) around April 4. Osaka’s blossoms are predicted to peak on April 6, and Nara’s on April 2. The blossoms are expected to advance north through the Tohoku region in April, with the park reaching Sendai in early April and Aomori around April 21. The culmination of this seasonal progression will see Sapporo in Hokkaido blooming by April 27, celebrating the nationwide embrace of spring.

If you’re worried you may be too late to see the blossoms, remember that areas of higher elevation (and cooler temperatures) generally tend to bloom a few days later than nearby centers. For example, Mt. Takao typically blooms a few days later than Tokyo, and Mt. Koya a few days later than Osaka. A short day trip to a cooler area can be a great way to capture at least some of the blossoms.

While the plum blossoms are largely finished, you might still be able to see some in other areas. They are considered the herald of spring and are beautiful nonetheless.

This year’s cherry blossom season has largely matched the historic average, despite predictions that the season may be early. This is because below-average temperatures over the last few weeks have slowed the pace of the blooming. With their transient beauty, the cherry blossoms are a unique experience not to be missed, and 2024 is sure to delight yet again.

Updated 29 Mar 2024

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