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Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Enshrining Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate

Photo of Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine, Japan (広島東照宮 by Taisyo)

Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine, also known as Onaga Toshogu, serves as a spiritual site enshrining Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. Erected in 1648 and withstanding the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, it is recognized as an important cultural property, being part of the Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail and hosting noteworthy festivals.

About Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Onaga Toshogu, situated on a hillside at the base of Futaba Mountain, is rooted in Japan’s Edo period. Commissioned by Asano Naganao, a local feudal lord allied with the Tokugawa family, the shrine expressed the Asano clan’s respect for Ieyasu. The site has been historically significant, with grand festivals held every 50 years to commemorate him. Despite the 1945 atomic bombing, located about 2.1 km from the hypocenter, some of the shrine’s structures, such as the Kar Gate and the Cloister, survived, while others were later restored. These elements, including the Honden or main hall, have been designated as cultural assets by Hiroshima City.

The shrine served a crucial role during World War II, especially after the bombing when its grounds became a temporary aid station for survivors. Its treasures were lost, but the main deity was saved by communication troops. Repairs to the original structures, including the Kar-Gate and Pavilion, were carried out from 2008 to 2011.

Onaga Toshogu is not just a place of worship but also a site preserving cultural heritage. It features stone lanterns, sub-shrines, and a memorial for bombing victims, reflecting its comprehensive historical value.

Annually, the shrine holds a festival on September 16 and 17, which has been a tradition since it was reinstated in 2015 after a 200-year hiatus. The path to the shrine has changed due to urban development but still features pine and cherry trees.

A visit to Onaga Toshogu offers a connection to Hiroshima’s past, embodying the city’s historical narrative and the perseverance of its traditions.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine


JR Hiroshima
 Hiroden Route 1 + 5 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.0km)

Hiroden Hakushima
 Hiroden Route 9

 10-20 minute walk (1.2km)

 Hiroden Route 2 + 3 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.3km)

 Hiroden Route 6 + 3 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.5km)

 Astram Line + 1 more

 20-30 minute walk (1.8km)

Around Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Shinto Shrine in Hiroshima

open 9am - 4:15pm
closed Irregularly


広島東照宮, 広島

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