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Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Home to Japanese modernism and international masterpieces.

Photo of Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, Japan (Hiroshima Prefecture Art Museum by kmf164)

The Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum serves as a central exhibition space in Hiroshima for various art forms. Opened in 1968 and renovated in 1996, it houses a rich collection featuring Japanese modern art, along with traditional crafts and works by international artists. Adjacent to the scenic Shukkeien Garden, the museum provides a backdrop for the interplay of Eastern and Western art traditions.

About Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Situated near the historic Shukkeien Garden, the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is a place where art and nature complement each other. With a broad collection, the museum covers Japanese Nihonga painting, Asian traditional crafts, and works reflecting the Western influence on Japanese art during the 1920s and 1930s. Noteworthy pieces include works by Salvador Dali, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, and Henry Moore, alongside local talents like Ikuo Hirayama and Okuda Genso.

The museum’s commitment to Japanese modern art is underscored by its inclusion of significant artists such as Fujita Tsuguharu and Yokoo Tadanori. It also houses Edo Period folding screens depicting Miyajima and Itsukushima Shrine. The museum engages in art education through programs and workshops that deepen visitors’ appreciation for art.

While personal guides may not always be available, detailed pamphlets help bridge the language gap for non-Japanese speakers. Amenities include lounge areas, a restaurant, a tea room, and a museum shop, all designed to enhance the visitor experience.

The Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum regularly hosts special exhibitions on a variety of artistic subjects. Nearby, the Hiroshima Museum of Art and the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art offer additional diverse artistic perspectives. These institutions together offer a comprehensive overview of the region’s historical and contemporary art scenes.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum


Hiroden Shukkeien-mae
 Hiroden Route 9

 about 5 minute walk (200m)

 Hiroden Route 1 + 3 more

 5-10 minute walk (800m)

Around Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Art Museum in Hiroshima

open 9am - 5pm (varies)
closed Monday, unless a holiday (and other days)


広島県立美術館, 広島

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