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A tranquil hot spring retreat in Kyoto’s mountainous Kurama district.

Photo of Kurama Onsen, Japan (くらまやまおんせん by Barry Silver)

Kurama Onsen offers a serene onsen experience, rich with history and tradition in the embrace of Kyoto’s mountains. The sanctuary is known for its mineral-rich waters and is situated near the cultural heritage site of Kurama-dera Temple.

About Kurama Onsen

In the lush mountains of Kurama, Kurama Onsen has long been a destination for wellness and relaxation. The onsen, surrounded by natural beauty, honors the Japanese tradition of communal bathing in mineral-rich waters. Visitors are drawn to its therapeutic indoor and outdoor baths for a restorative experience.

The mineral waters of Kurama Onsen are known to promote health, aiding in ailments such as high blood pressure and nerve issues, and are believed to enhance skin beauty and provide backache relief. Japanese-style accommodations at the onsen offer guests a cultural immersion. The onsen’s dining facilities provide Japanese cuisine and a peaceful Kurama atmosphere.

While the onsen’s water is heated, its appeal remains strong, especially the outdoor tub, which allows guests to bathe surrounded by the forested mountains, occasionally under snowfall.

The facility features various bathing options, including outdoor pools and indoor tubs with a sauna room and multiple hot pools. Outdoor baths connect guests with nature, although may close due to weather conditions.

Amenities like face towels, bath towels, and yukatas are provided for convenience. An English menu is available for international guests.

Currently closed as of May 2023, Kurama Onsen, when open, complements exploring the Kurama area, including the nearby Kurama-dera Temple or hiking from Kibune. The onsen is known for its helpful staff, accommodating visitors with language barriers.

Located within Kyoto’s Kurama and Kibune district, the area offers attractions and dining options. Visitors are encouraged to experience the traditional Japanese culture that the district represents.

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Kurama Onsen

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鞍馬温泉, 鞍馬

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