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Togetsu-kyo Bridge

Moon Crossing Bridge: A historic span over Kyoto’s Katsiyama River with a connection to Emperor Kameyama.

Photo of Togetsu-kyo Bridge, Japan (IMG_5604 by y.ganden)

The Moon Crossing Bridge, known as Togetsu-kyo, is a significant structure in Kyoto’s Arashiyama district, celebrated for its scenic beauty. This 155-meter-long bridge links the northern bank to Nakanoshima Park and is an important part of the Ukyo district.

About Togetsu-kyo Bridge

Togetsu-kyo Bridge, with its design reminiscent of traditional Japanese architecture, is a prominent feature of the Arashiyama tourist area and a part of Japan’s cultural landscape. The current concrete structure was completed in 1934, designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment. Its form and wooden railings pay homage to the original bridge from the Heian period, which was built in the early ninth century and later renamed by Emperor Kameyama during the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

The name “Moon Crossing Bridge” comes from Emperor Kameyama’s poetic description of the moon moving over the bridge. This image has made Togetsu-kyo a beloved subject in culture and arts, especially enchanting during cherry blossom season and autumn when the scenery is particularly striking.

Togetsu-kyo is not only a picturesque destination but also a vital local thoroughfare, and the bridge’s appeal is undeniable at night. It is also an essential part of local infrastructure and cultural life.

Challenges such as natural disasters have tested the resilience of Togetsu-kyo, but the bridge has been restored and maintained throughout its history, ensuring its ongoing presence and appeal.

The bridge itself is a popular location for film and television, contributing to its iconic status.

Today, Togetsu-kyo Bridge stands as a beautiful and functional piece of Japan’s historical architecture, offering visitors a place where history, culture, and natural beauty come together.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Togetsu-kyo Bridge

E 08

JR Saga-Arashiyama
 JR Sagano Line

 about 5 minute walk (100m)
A 12

Keifuku Randen-Saga
 Keifuku Arashiyama Line

 about 5 minute walk (300m)

Around Togetsu-kyo Bridge

Togetsu-kyo Bridge

Bridge in Kyoto

open 24 hours
closed Irregularly


渡月橋, 京都

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