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Historic Hall of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, The Hall of a Thousand Tatami Mats

Photo of Senjokaku, Japan (豊国神社 千畳閣 by Tzuhsun Hsu)

Senjokaku, also known as “The Hall of a Thousand Tatami Mats,” stands as a historic site on Miyajima. Built by the prominent Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the late 16th century, this expansive structure was initially conceived as a Buddhist library and lecture hall. Today, it remains unfinished, offering visitors panoramic views of the nearby Itsukushima Shrine, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

About Senjokaku

Senjokaku’s name translates to “pavilion of 1000 mats,” indicating the vast space Hideyoshi planned, which could accommodate the area of 1000 tatami mats. Initiated in 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, renowned for his role in consolidating Japan, intended it as a place to read and chant sutras in homage to the dead. However, following his death in 1598, the building was left incomplete. The ceiling is adorned with a collection of painted panels that depict scenes from Buddhist iconography and historical battles.

Senjokaku stands alongside the vibrant vermilion Goju-no-to, a five-storied pagoda constructed in 1407, which together creates a striking historical tableau.

Visitors to Senjokaku can admire the durability of the wooden beams and pillars. Positioned atop a hill, the site presents captivating views of the Itsukushima Shrine and the famed Miyajima O-Torii. Senjokaku’s combination of Hideyoshi’s historical legacy and its distinctive architecture render it a noteworthy destination for those interested in Japan’s cultural past.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Senjokaku

Miyajima Pier
 JR Miyajima Ferry + 1 more

 10-20 minute walk (0.9km)

Around Senjokaku


Shinto Shrine in Miyajima

open 8:30am - 4:30pm
closed Irregularly


千畳閣, 宮島

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