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Todaiji Temple

Center of Japanese Buddhism and architectural marvel with a significant bronze Buddha.

Photo of Todaiji Temple, Japan (Todai-ji, Daibutsuden (Graet Buddha Hall) -2 (May 2019) by Tetsuhiro Terada)

Todaiji Temple, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a key site in Japanese Buddhism and architectural history. This iconic temple in Nara, Japan, is famous for its Great Buddha Hall, Daibutsuden, which is among the largest wooden buildings in the world. The hall is home to a striking 15-meter-tall bronze statue of Vairocana Buddha. The temple grounds provide a setting for visitors to discover its history and gardens.

About Todaiji Temple

Commissioned by Emperor Shomu, Todai-ji has been instrumental in the spread of Buddhism, particularly as the headquarters of the Kegon school. The temple’s influence led to political changes in the 8th century, due in part to the power it exerted within the capital. Reconstructed to two-thirds of its initial size, the current Daibutsuden, completed in 1709, still impresses visitors with the Daibutsu, Japan’s largest bronze Buddha statue, which has undergone several castings.

The temple complex features sub-temples, gates, and the Todaiji Museum, offering exhibitions of religious art and treasures. Notable structures include the Nandaimon Gate, Nigatsudo Hall with city views, Hokkedo Hall with its Kannon statue, and the Shosoin Storehouse, which preserves 8th-century treasures.

The temple provides an immersive experience of historical and artistic significance, with the opportunity to see the Daibutsu statue and learn about the site’s past. Todaiji continues as an active place of worship, maintaining Buddhist traditions for the public.

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Todaiji Temple

Buddhist Temple in Nara


東大寺, 奈良

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