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Hozenji Temple

A quiet haven in Osaka, home to the moss-covered Mizukake Fudo.

Photo of Hozenji Temple, Japan (法善寺 Hozenji by +- from jawp)

Hozenji Temple is a peaceful spot in the bustling Osaka entertainment district. Established in 1637 and dedicated to the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo, this temple is known for its moss-covered statue, believed to bring good luck and protection. The temple’s stone pathways and traditional lanterns offer visitors a chance to engage in ancient rituals and connect with Japan’s cultural history.

About Hozenji Temple

As part of the Jodo sect, Hozenji Temple is a place of both historical and spiritual relevance. The temple’s notable “Mizukake Fudo” statue, shrouded in green moss, represents Fudo Myoo and is a result of worshippers sprinkling water on it during prayers. Fudo Myoo, wielding a sword and rope, embodies the Buddhist concept of overcoming ignorance with enlightenment.

Despite multiple reconstructions due to fires and wartime damage, the temple’s most severe devastation occurred during World War II, yet the Mizukake Fudo statue survived. The local community’s efforts restored the temple, demonstrating Osaka’s resilient spirit.

Hozenji Temple serves as a center for worship and culture, situated in Hozenji Yokocho alley, near Dotonbori in the Namba district. With over 60 establishments, this alley provides a historical ambience reminiscent of the Edo period. At night, the alleyway’s lanterns contribute to its traditional charm. The temple’s history and its presence in media reflect its cultural significance in Japan. Hozenji Temple, alongside Hozenji Yokocho, offers visitors a look at traditional Japanese city life and religious practices.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Hozenji Temple

M 20

 Midosuji Line + 2 more

 5-10 minute walk (500m)
HS 41

Hanshin Ōsaka Namba
 Hanshin Namba Line + 2 more

 5-10 minute walk (500m)
NK 01

Nankai NAMBA
 Nankai Main Line + 1 more

 5-10 minute walk (0.8km)
N 16

 Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line + 1 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.0km)
S 15

 Sennichimae Line + 1 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.4km)

Around Hozenji Temple

Hozenji Temple

Buddhist Temple in Osaka

open 24 hours
closed Irregularly


法善寺, 大阪

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