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Shotengu Saikoji Temple

A nexus of spirituality and natural beauty, celebrated for its seasonal splendor and historical significance.

Photo of Shotengu Saikoji Temple, Japan (西江寺 本堂 by KENPEI)

Founded in the 8th century, Shotengu Saikoji Temple is a historic sanctuary in Minoo Park, Osaka. Known for its spiritual significance, the temple provides a setting for appreciation of traditional Japanese architecture and seasonal beauty.

About Shotengu Saikoji Temple

Affectionately known as “Minoo’s Shoten-san,” Shotengu Saikoji Temple has been a site of worship and Japanese mythology for centuries. The temple tradition states that it was founded by the mystic En no Gyoja in 763. The main hall is home to an image of Daishoganken, a deity who appeared to En no Gyoja as an old man radiating light, and a statue of Daikokuten, the god of wealth and prosperity, from the mid-Muromachi period.

Located on Minoyama, Shotengu Saikoji is a site for spiritual training and hosts vibrant festivals and events. These include the New Year’s Day celebration, the Daishoganken Oil Offering in early January, the Star Festival for Setsubun in February, the Spring Festival in April, and the Tengu Festival in October, featuring rituals to ward off evil spirits, and the Insect Memorial Service with Thousands of Lights.

The temple’s surroundings offer a scenic experience, with cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. Shotengu Saikoji is a place where visitors can immerse in a peaceful atmosphere and connect with Japanese history and religion.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Shotengu Saikoji Temple

HK 59

Hankyu Minoo
 Hankyu Minoo Line

 10-20 minute walk (1.3km)

Around Shotengu Saikoji Temple

Shotengu Saikoji Temple

Buddhist Temple in Osaka

open 9am - 5pm
closed Irregularly


聖天宮西江寺, 大阪

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