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Harukas 300 Observation Deck

A sky-high urban vista from one of Japan’s tallest skyscrapers

Photo of Harukas 300 Observation Deck, Japan (Abeno-Harukas by cotaro70s)

Perched atop one of Japan’s tallest skyscrapers, Harukas 300 Observation Deck offers an unrivaled aerial view of Osaka’s cityscape. Located on the 58th to 60th floors, visitors enjoy a 360-degree panorama that includes landmarks such as Osaka Castle and Mount Ikoma.

About Harukas 300 Observation Deck

Harukas 300 Observation Deck, in the Abeno Harukas building, is a prominent feature of Osaka’s skyline at 300 meters. Opened on March 7, 2014, it exemplifies the city’s modernization and urban development. More than an observatory, this multi-purpose facility integrates commercial and hospitality spaces.

The deck itself provides a unique experience, including an outdoor terrace on the 58th floor. The café on the Sky Garden offers a space for visitors to relax, accompanied by a shop for souvenirs.

The 16th floor’s Abeno Harukas Art Museum presents temporary exhibitions of diverse art, adding a cultural facet to the skyscraper. The same floor includes a garden terrace and, within the department store’s wing, a shrine amidst a rooftop vegetable garden.

In essence, Harukas 300 Observation Deck not only provides spectacular views but the Abeno Harukas building offers a lens into Osaka’s dynamic growth. It stands as a place to appreciate the urban and cultural landscapes from a significant height.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Harukas 300 Observation Deck

M 23

 Midosuji Line + 4 more

 about 5 minute walk (200m)
T 28

 Tanimachi Line

 5-10 minute walk (500m)

Around Harukas 300 Observation Deck

Harukas 300 Observation Deck

Lookout in Osaka

open 9am - 10pm
closed Irregularly


あべのハルカス, 大阪

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