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Daikanyama T-Site

A bibliophile’s haven in Tokyo’s trendy Daikanyama district

Photo of Daikanyama T-Site, Japan (Tokyo : 7 Mar 2012 by chinnian)

Daikanyama T-Site stands as a cultural hub in Tokyo’s Daikanyama district, celebrated for its distinctive architectural style and carefully curated book collection. This retail complex is more than a bookstore; it’s a community space for knowledge, art, and leisure, attracting discerning readers and lifestyle enthusiasts. With its welcoming atmosphere, Daikanyama T-Site has become an iconic destination for both locals and visitors.

About Daikanyama T-Site

The design of Daikanyama T-Site, by the Tokyo-based architectural firm Klein Dytham, has been acclaimed, winning the ‘World’s Best Shopping Centre’ award in 2012. The complex, with Tsutaya Books as its anchor, offers literature across various genres, including travel, art, and cuisine, housed within three interconnected buildings.

Tsutaya Books is a key feature of Daikanyama T-Site, with each building focusing on different interests, from a building dedicated to music, complete with a performance space and sound stations, to another with a vast collection of movies and magazines. Alongside Tsutaya Books, the complex includes boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere.

Beyond books, Daikanyama T-Site also functions as a gallery, hosting art exhibitions and cultural events. It’s a meeting place for diverse interests, where coffee lovers, pet enthusiasts, cyclists, photographers, and foodies come together against the bookstore’s stylish design.

Daikanyama T-Site offers an enriching experience for visitors, promoting exploration and discovery. The surrounding Daikanyama area complements the complex with its high-end fashion boutiques, chic cafes, and green spaces like Saigoyama Park. Notable nearby attractions include the Hillside Terrace and the Kyu Asakura House.

A visit to Daikanyama T-Site is recommended for those interested in media, architecture, and design, providing an experience beyond that of a traditional bookstore. With its diverse offerings and elegant design, Daikanyama T-Site is a place where literature, lifestyle, and leisure intersect.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Daikanyama T-Site

H 01

 Hibiya Line

 5-10 minute walk (600m)
JY 21

 JR Yamanote Line + 2 more

 10-20 minute walk (0.9km)
G 01

 Ginza Line + 5 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.5km)

Around Daikanyama T-Site

Daikanyama T-Site

Specialty Store in Tokyo

open 7am - midnight
closed Irregularly


代官山 T-SITE, 東京

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