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Odaiba Takoyaki Museum CLOSED

Photo of Odaiba Takoyaki Museum, Japan (Squid Balls, Odaiba Takoyaki Museum, Tokyo by Stephen Kelly)

A food theme park - restaurants and shops - dedicated to the Osaka street food delicacy, takoyaki. Five different restaurants offer different kinds of takoyaki at reasonable prices. Shops offer a wide range of takoyaki themed souvenirs, cookers, and snacks.

About Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Set on the 4th floor of the Odaiba Decks shopping centre, close to Daiba Itchome Shopping Alley shopping street.

Around Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Eating District in Tokyo


たこ焼きミュジアム, 東京

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