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Takaosan "Echo" Chair Lift

A picturesque ascent to a Tokyo mountain peak via the Mt. Takao Chair Lift

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The Mt. Takao Chair Lift, set within the verdant landscapes of Mt. Takao, provides a picturesque journey through nature. This lift offers a scenic route up the popular mountain, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the Tama region in Tokyo from a comfortable vantage point. Serving as an accessible alternative to hiking, the lift offers visitors a delightful way to explore Mt. Takao’s natural sights.

About Takaosan "Echo" Chair Lift

Inaugurated in 1964, the Mt. Takao Chair Lift has long been a part of the mountain’s allure, which is known for its natural scenery and cultural sites. The 15-minute ride affords tourists a view of the mountain’s dense forests and seasonal flora, including cherry blossoms, cedars, and dogwoods. The ride ends at a midpoint of the mountain close to the cable car station, Beer Mount, Monkey Park, and the historic Yakuoin Temple.

The chair lift, featuring two-seater chairs, has become a staple in the Mt. Takao experience, offering a peaceful moment as visitors ascend to the mountain’s features.

For many, the chair lift is an attraction in its own right, with the smooth ride and panoramic views providing a break from the fast pace of Tokyo. It is worth taking the time to absorb the vistas and the changes in foliage that the lift showcases—a true immersion into nature.

Upon reaching the top station of the chair lift, visitors can explore Mt. Takao, enjoying one of Tokyo’s treasured natural sites.

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Around Takaosan "Echo" Chair Lift

Takaosan "Echo" Chair Lift

Ropeway in Mt. Takao

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エコーリフト, 高尾山

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