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Takosugi Octopus Cedar

Revered octopus root cedar celebrated for its unique, natural tentacle-like appearance

Photo of Takosugi Octopus Cedar, Japan (Mount Takao(高尾山) by Eiji Saito)

Takosugi, the venerable tree known as octopus root cedar for its distinctive tentacle-like roots, is a natural highlight within the culturally significant Mt. Takao area. Approximately 450 years old, measuring around 37 meters in height and 6 meters in circumference, Takosugi captivates visitors with its impressive form against the backdrop of historical Mt. Takao.

About Takosugi Octopus Cedar

Located in the western outskirts of Tokyo, Mt. Takao is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural depth. The esteemed Takosugi, characterized by its unique roots, is emblematic of Japan’s respect for nature and its tradition of integrating cultural sites within their natural surroundings. The tree has enamored visitors for generations and contributes to the mountain’s appeal.

Takaosan Hiking Trail 1 is a favored hiking route that passes the Takosugi, offering a chance to experience its ancient beauty firsthand.

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Around Takosugi Octopus Cedar

Takosugi Octopus Cedar

Way Shrine in Mt. Takao

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たこ杉, 高尾山

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