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Kaneiji Temple

Historical sanctuary of shoguns in Tokyo.

Photo of Kaneiji Temple, Japan (Main Hall of Kan'ei-ji Temple in Taitō-ku, Tokyo. 寛永寺、根本中堂(東京都台東区) by Kakidai)

Kaneiji Temple, a significant historic site in Tokyo, was established in 1625 as a family temple for the Tokugawa shogunate. Located in the lush expanse of Ueno Park, Kaneiji invites visitors to discover its surviving structures, reflect on its heritage, and enjoy the tranquil setting.

About Kaneiji Temple

Tōeizan Kaneiji, intimately tied to the Tokugawa shoguns and founded by Tenkai to resemble Kyoto’s Enryaku-ji Temple, became a major spiritual and political nexus in Edo. As the Tendai sect’s head temple in the Kanto region, it was a formidable religious and political force. The temple’s principal image, the Medicine Buddha, is a hidden treasure and an Important Cultural Property. Kaneiji was also renowned for its cherry blossoms, contributing to its cultural significance.

The temple faced severe destruction during the Boshin War’s Ueno War, and the Meiji Restoration led to the confiscation of its extensive grounds, further reducing its size and influence. Kaneiji Temple persevered, retaining several historical structures and artefacts. Remnants of its grand past, such as the five-story pagoda and the Bentendo Hall on an island in Shinobazu Pond, continue to impress visitors. The temple’s cemetery, with the tombs of six Tokugawa shoguns, adds to its historical presence.

At Kaneiji, the main hall is a key site, housing the revered Medicine Buddha. The Kiyomizu Kannon Hall, another important cultural property, and 19 sub-temples within the precincts, located near cultural landmarks, offer a deeper understanding of the temple’s extensive legacy.

The remaining structures of Kaneiji, including parts of the Ueno Great Buddha, along with various gates and pagodas from the Tokugawa shogunate mausoleums, enrich Tokyo’s cultural heritage and attract those seeking to connect with Japan’s past.

Getting There the easiest way to reach Kaneiji Temple

JY 06

JR Uguisudani
 JR Yamanote Line

 5-10 minute walk (800m)
G 16

 Ginza Line + 3 more

 10-20 minute walk (1.6km)

Around Kaneiji Temple

Kaneiji Temple

Buddhist Temple in Tokyo

open 24 hours
closed Irregularly


寛永寺, 東京

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