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Traditional sake craftmanship since 1884

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Harushika Sake Brewery is a producer of Japan’s celebrated beverage, sake, established in 1884 in Nara’s historical Naramachi district. The brewery is noted for its high-quality sake and contributes to the preservation of traditional Japanese sake culture. Through tours and tastings, visitors to Harushika Sake Brewery can explore the art of sake making, tapping into a heritage spanning over a century.

About Harushika Sake Brewery

Harushika Sake Brewery has played a role in Japan’s sake industry for over 130 years. Founded by the Imanishi family, the brewery’s building has historical significance, located in the ancient city of Nara. The architecture of the complex, including an Edo townhouse, offers insight into Japan’s historical architecture and the traditional living of the past.

The brewery is known for its dedication to quality, producing sake that has gained international fame and symbolizing Nara’s sake heritage. The expert craftmanship in Harushika’s sake production creates a variety of flavors and aromas, which visitors can experience during tasting sessions.

Harushika Sake Brewery conducts tours and workshops, primarily on weekends in February, where participants can learn about the brewing process. Booking in advance is recommended for large groups. The brewery features a store where visitors can purchase sake tasting sets, sake ice cream, and sake lees pickled vegetables.

Within walking distance from Kintetsu Nara Station, the brewery is situated in the heart of Naramachi, a town celebrated for its traditional machiya townhouses and shopping experiences. Attractions like Gangoji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Nara Craft Museum are also within proximity, positioning the brewery as an ideal starting point for a cultural journey in Nara.

Alongside its tours and tastings, the brewery’s location near historical sites and the Naramachi district offers an immersive experience into Japan’s cultural past. Harushika Sake Brewery stands as a destination for those interested in the authentic taste and history of Japanese sake.

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Harushika Sake Brewery

Sake Brewery in Nara

open 8:15am - 5:15pm
closed During Obon (and other days)


春鹿酒造 今西清兵衛商店, 奈良

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