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Nigiwai-no-Ie Traditional House

Experience traditional Japanese living in Naramachi’s Edo-period townhouse.

Photo of Nigiwai-no-Ie Traditional House, Japan (ならまちにぎわいの家 by Kurukuru12)

Nigiwai-no-Ie serves as an accessible window into traditional Japanese living, allowing visitors to appreciate the architecture and cultural practices of the past. As an Important Cultural Property in Nara, Japan, this historic townhouse offers a journey through the rich heritage of the Edo period.

About Nigiwai-no-Ie Traditional House

Nigiwai-no-Ie, a traditional townhouse situated in Naramachi, has been designated as an Important Cultural Property for its representation of historical and cultural values from the Edo period. While reflecting the Edo period’s architectural style, the house also exhibits arrangements typical of the early 20th century, showcasing an evolution in its function and reflecting the daily life of the times.

Visitors can explore various rooms in Nigiwai-no-Ie that demonstrate the living conditions and atmosphere of the early 20th century, though the structure itself dates back further. The interior boasts traditional elements and furnishings indicative of the era’s skillful craftsmanship.

The townhouse extends its educational role by offering cultural workshops and activities that allow guests to engage with traditional crafts and customs. These experiences aim to deepen understanding of the region’s historical context.

Nigiwai-no-Ie is more than a historical showcase; it is a place where the legacy of Naramachi’s past is actively shared and preserved. It remains an important site in Nara for those interested in Japanese history and culture, ensuring the legacies of past lifestyles continue to resonate with modern visitors.

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Around Nigiwai-no-Ie Traditional House

Nigiwai-no-Ie Traditional House

History Museum in Nara

open 9am - 4:30pm
closed Wednesday, unless a holiday (and other days)


にぎわいの家, 奈良

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