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Imanishike Shoin Residence

Muromachi-era architectural gem, associated with the esteemed Kofukuji Temple

Photo of Imanishike Shoin Residence, Japan (Imanishi-ke_Shoin in Nara, Nara prefecture, Japan 今西家書院, 奈良県奈良市 by 663highland)

The Imanishike Shoin Residence in Nara Prefecture is a prime example of Shoin-zukuri architecture, reflecting the evolving design elements and residential layouts from the Muromachi period (1336–1573). This historically significant site allows visitors to delve into the traditional ambiance of the era and understand its cultural importance.

About Imanishike Shoin Residence

Situated in Kashihara, the Imanishike Shoin Residence is designated as an Important Cultural Property by Japan’s government. It was initially linked with the Fukujiin family, temple officials from Kofukuji Temple’s Daijoin. The residence boasts well-preserved Muromachi period rooms, which exemplify the early Shoin-zukuri style through elements such as tokonoma, shoin, and fusuma.

In 1924, the residence was acquired by the Imanishi family. It was subsequently recognized as an Important Cultural Property in 1950. Today, the property is maintained by the Imanishi family, offering visitors a chance to appreciate traditional Japanese residential architecture.

The residence stands near historically and architecturally significant sites in the Naramachi area, adding to its allure. The garden and spaces for enjoying Japanese tea ceremony enhance the cultural experience of the site.

Booking is required for visiting the residence and can be facilitated by the Hanairaka tourist information center. When in the area, guests can also explore Kashihara’s traditional architecture and historical landmarks.

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Around Imanishike Shoin Residence

Imanishike Shoin Residence

History Museum in Nara

open 10am - 3:30pm
closed Monday,During Obon (and other days)


今西家書院, 奈良

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