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Exploring the Artistry of Nara’s Traditional Crafts

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The Nara Craft Museum, known as Nara Kogeikan, is a cultural institution dedicated to the historical and traditional artistry of Nara. It serves as a museum for preserving and showcasing local crafts and offers visitors a comprehensive view of these art forms, ranging from pottery to textiles. The museum’s exhibits and workshops provide a meaningful experience into the craftsmanship of Nara’s artisans.

About Nara Craft Museum

Situated in the Naramachi district, the Nara Craft Museum, locally known as Nara Kogeikan, dedicates itself to the region’s longstanding craft traditions. Its exhibits display Nara’s traditional crafts such as calligraphy brushes, Akahada pottery, wooden masks, tea whisks, and handwoven hemp cloth. Each piece illustrates the meticulous skills inherited across generations, showcasing the area’s artistic heritage.

The museum not only presents these timeless pieces but also offers interactive workshops and demonstrations, inviting the public to experience the craftsmanship first-hand. This hands-on approach promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation for the crafts.

The facility plays an instrumental role in supporting local artists and crafters by connecting them with a broader audience and offering their creations in the museum shop. These efforts help sustain the cultural vitality of the local craft community.

With its location in the historically rich Naramachi, the museum complements its surroundings, echoing the area’s past. For visitors keen on discovering Nara’s craftmanship, the Nara Craft Museum is an exemplary starting place. Its free admission makes it a broadly accessible and educational destination.

Guests are welcomed to use the museum’s indoor and outdoor rest areas, which provide comfortable seating and amenities. These areas offer a respite during the discovery of Nara’s craft history. Available free pamphlets on local events further enhance the visitor experience.

For those interested in Nara’s cultural heritage, the Nara Craft Museum is a pivotal establishment for both the celebration and education of the region’s traditional crafts, ensuring the artisans’ legacy continues to enrich future generations.

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Nara Craft Museum

Craft Museum in Nara

open 10am - 5:30pm
closed Monday, unless a holiday (and other days)


なら工藝館, 奈良

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