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Naramachi Shiryokan Museum

Exploring Traditional Merchant Life in Nara’s Naramachi

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The Naramachi Shiryokan Museum, established in 1985 in Nara, Japan, is housed in a traditional townhouse and showcases local history and culture. Its collections include folklore materials, Buddhist statues, and antiques, highlighting Naramachi’s past as a merchant district during the Edo period.

About Naramachi Shiryokan Museum

In the Naramachi district of Nara, known for its wooden merchant houses and narrow alleys, the Naramachi Shiryokan Museum stands as a private institution dedicated to the area’s history. Its collection, covering the Edo to Taisho periods (1603-1926), offers insights into the cultural and economic developments of Naramachi.

The museum allows visitors to explore the daily lives of Edo-period merchants through artifacts such as traditional crafts, household items, documents, photographs, and maps. The recreated merchant houses and shops offer an interactive historical experience.

Highlighted within the museum is the “Sudare Exhibition,” featuring traditional woven bamboo screens, exemplifying the period’s craftsmanship. These screens are integral to Japanese design, valued for both function and beauty.

Temporary exhibitions at the museum provide focused explorations of Naramachi’s historical and cultural themes, fostering a deeper appreciation for the area’s heritage.

The museum, located in the restored residence of its director, adds to the historical narrative by reflecting traditional architectural trends and the evolution of residential spaces in Japan.

The Naramachi Shiryokan Museum thus serves as an important resource for preserving Naramachi’s heritage and for those interested in Japanese history and traditional crafts.

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Naramachi Shiryokan Museum

History Museum in Nara

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奈良町資料館, 奈良

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